12 Moms on What They Love About CBD

Most moms know that insanely relieving feeling that overcomes you once the kids are finally in bed. After a hard and hectic day full of drop offs, pick ups, whipping up dinner, bath time and book readings, you get to enjoy an hour or so of “me time,” which more or less might include finishing up work and getting things done around the house. Needless to say, you deserve to soak up as much relaxation as you’re able to in the time before your own bedtime.


This looks different to every mom—some wind down with, well, wine, while others need nothing more than a good book and some hot tea. But more and more moms are turning to CBD as a natural way to relieve the tension, anxiety and general aches and pains of the day-to-day grind. Mom of two, Jamie W., from San Diego, California, has been using CBD for just under a year to help alleviate the extreme wrist and arm pain she has from working on a computer for years. “I needed something that would provide  immediate pain relief and allow me to continue working,” she tells Bloom+Bliss. “I had heard excellent things about CBD and wanted to give it a try.” In addition to experiencing pain relief, she’s noticed the CBD creams and oils she uses have helped relieve skin irritations and even acne. “When my teenager started using the facial oil, her acne disappeared!” she says.


Werner is just one among the thousands of moms turning to CBD for natural relief from all sorts of pesky problems. We did some digging around to find out what moms love most about incorporating CBD into their daily regimen.


“It keeps the chaos of everyday life from infiltrating my mind.” 

“CBD enhances my focus and concentration and that improves everything, for example—a more timely morning departure to school and office. I’m also less stressed as a result of the CBD with the after work schedule: dinner, homework and bedtime. Overall, it’s really helped me manage my stress, and then the kids are less stressed, which is the most important thing.”

—Heidi W., mom of two from Brighton, East Sussex, UK


“I love that it’s multi-functional.”

“I use the same CBD product to treat my anxiety, herniated disk, and my low cartilage problem with my knee. I’m also excited about the potential use of the same product for my daughter’s epilepsy. Knowing that I can attest to the product before it enters her body is crucial for me! It helps financially because I save on paying multiple co-pays a year. It also helps to keep things centralized because it’s one product that is used for multiple reasons.”

—Melanie O., mom of two from Waldorf, Maryland


“CBD saved me during pregnancy.”

“At the very least, it spared me from having to get IV fluids multiple times per week. I had severe hyperemesis gravidarum during both my pregnancies. Most people don’t realize how bad HG is. It’s not just morning sickness—it’s when nausea and vomiting get so bad that you can’t hold any food down. It got so bad that I couldn’t even drink water. I was weak, tired, and had a not-so-mini breakdown during the 3rd month. That’s when I called a friend and smoked a joint. I immediately felt better, my vomiting stopped, and I was able to eat three plates of food, plus practically everything in the pantry. Obviously I didn’t want to smoke during pregnancy so I got my hands on some CBD, which I took in small doses in the morning, afternoon, and evening before meals. I was puking so much less and finally able to hold food and water down and started gaining weight normally.”

—Diane V., mom of two from Belgrade, Serbia


“It’s non-invasive, easily accessible and completely efficacious.”

“I’m an attorney and was following the progression of the legality of CBD and cannabis, mostly just out of fascination with the legal and regulatory system. As I focused on this progression, I became interested in CBD due to the abundance of research I was discovering and the anecdotal information of how CBD was providing people with a sense of calm and assisting with sleep and pain and really providing people relief from serious ailments. I use it for sleep and find that, not only does it assist with falling asleep, but also obtaining a deeper sleep. I also use it for aches and pains and recovery from hard workouts.”

—Kendra C., mom of two from Hollister, California


“It’s served as a natural treatment for my postpartum depression.”

“The medication I was prescribed for postpartum depression wasn’t working for me. I just wasn’t myself, so I decided to switch to CBD—a disposable vape pen from Tribe Tokes. Within a week I saw an amazing turnaround—less anxiety, less pressure on myself.”

—Samm M., mom of two from Chicago, Illinois


“It’s helpful CBD is to the human brain and body!”

“I have a lot on my plate all the time being a mom and wife and have really found CBD to be helpful with reducing my worries and anxiety—especially at night. My favorite are CBD gummies with melatonin to help me sleep.”

—Kori J., mom of three from Irvine, California


“It’s a natural and universal source of health and wellness.”

“I suffer from anxiety among other things and started to research how CBD could benefit my overall health. I work in the spa, wellness and travel industry so I was already using it topically on clients. Then I looked into other health aspects and uses for myself. I’ve since tried several products ranging from sublinguals to topicals. For sublinguals, Dragonfly Botanical 5x helps with my inflammation and Nature Pure, a cannabis product line for skin care, helps treat signs of aging and acne flare-ups with instant results.”

—Carline V., mom of three from Houston, Texas


“I love how versatile CBD can be.”

“CBD is the reason I don’t take Rx drugs for my anxiety and depression. But I use it for more than that—from wrinkles and menstrual pains to my sleep and focus. I can sip it, smoke it, or smooth it on my skin and I love how effective it is every time. CBD has never let me down!”

—Jessie G., mom of two from Irvine, California


“It helps me keep my calm during wild days with toddlers.”

“I have mild social anxiety and CBD helps me socialize normally without feeling like my heart is about to jump out of my chest. It helps me with patience and it could be a placebo effect, but I think it makes me a better mom.”

—Amber F. mom of three from Hilton Head, South Carolina


“The different strains work all sorts of magic.”

“I love how the different strains of CBD help reduce symptoms such as anxiety, while others help elevate my mood. It also helps me have more patience with my kids and reminds me that I don’t have to be so uptight about everything. It let’s me enjoy the here and now with my family.”

—Sara P., mom of two from Newark, New Jersey


“It relieves the aches and pains of motherhood.”

“When I became a new mom almost 2 years ago, I used my CBD pain cream somewhat religiously to help relieve back pain caused by constant breastfeeding. I’m a sucker for not sitting up straight and the CBD helped tremendously. Now, I use CBD skin care products everyday to keep my skin moisturized and help balance out the amount of oil my skin produces. I also love the bath bombs we carry in stores. Every time I use one before bed, I sleep like a rock and wake up completely rested. They are such a great muscle relaxer.”

—Dafna R., mom of one from St. Louis, Missouri


“I love that it’s natural and comes from a plant.”

“Four years ago I was dealing with terrible insomnia. I was able to fall asleep easily, but then I’d wake up at 2AM and was wide awake for hours. Someone told me to try CBD and it was like a Christmas miracle! I was able to sleep through the night. Then I started using the CBD balms for aches and pains and it was also miraculous. I now use it daily for various issues including my moderate IBS.”

—Andrea B., mom of two from Richmond, Virginia



Considering giving CBD a try? There’s a lot to discover beyond the hype—and a myriad of different options available for consumption, from lotions and creams to essential oils and even gumdrops. Yes, gumdrops made by hand in small batches with top-shelf, organically grown CBD. Click here to try them for yourself.


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