When to Use CBD and THC

ICYMI, we had a pretty big moment in December when we announced our Molly Jones CBD Gumdrops and, admittedly, we still haven’t come down from the high of it all (pun intended). But, hearing feedback along the way, there was one question that stuck out: “Why don’t I feel anything?” The short answer? Because CBD doesn’t get you high. The long answer? Knowing when to use THC and when to use CBD.

THC and CBD are cannabinoids. What are cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are compounds in the cannabis plant that are responsible for the effect you feel when you consume it. In normal speak, when you feel high, calm, sexually aroused, etc. from cannabis, that’s the cannabinoid at work. (For more on how cannabinoids interact with your body, head here.) There are over 100 cannabinoids in the plant and each has its own recipe of effects so knowing your cannabinoids is one of the best ways to control how you’ll feel.

The two most common cannabinoids are THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol). Now that the prohibition is lifting, expect to see more cannabinoid appearances like THCV, CBN, and THCA.

What’s Legal?

Evergreen statement: the legality around cannabis continues to evolve. That said, the laws for THC and CBD are very different.

When you hear about another state legalizing marijuana use, it mostly refers to THC because of its psychoactive effects. As of January 2019, 33 states have legalized medical cannabis and 10 states have legalized recreational cannabis.

On the other hand, CBD derived from Hemp (a cannabis plant) is non-psychoactive and fully legal across all 50 states. If this sounds new to you, it’s because it is. As of last month, CBD became legal at the federal level. (On point Molly Jones Gumdrop timing, amiright?)

How will I feel?

If you’re looking to get high, THC is the way to go. Because of its psychoactive effects, THC is responsible for that signature high cannabis is known for. Depending on the product, you could feel happy and giggly, productive and motivated, or chill and calm.

CBD, on the other hand, has no psychoactive effects which means it does not get you high. Instead, CBD is the newest obsession of the Goop-crowd and for good reason – it’s a major discovery for health and wellness and an easy addition to boost to your everyday self-care routine.

The list of CBD benefits is long, but common uses include:

  • Mood-stabilizer for stress, anxiety and depression

  • Pain reliever for headaches and sore muscles

  • Anti-inflammatory for sunburns, skin care, and liver damage (ahem, knocking back one too many last night)

Check out our list of 8 ways to a healthier lifestyle with CBD.

One last benefit of CBD that doesn’t get enough airtime – it can tame the effects of THC. If you ever feel too high on THC, take some CBD to help bring you back down. Additionally, if you’re sensitive to THC, find products that are a hybrid of THC and CBD since the two balance each other out and create a smoother effect.

Medically, both THC and CBD can provide relief for fairly serious conditions including seizures, migraines, mental disorders, and cancer. In the event that you’re interested in cannabis for a serious condition, check with your doctor. We like to think we’re smart, but we’re not 8-years-of-medical-school smart. Sorry to break the news to you.

How Much Should I Take?

Because CBD is non-psychoactive, it’s very well tolerated, even in large doses. In fact, some dude made the news after taking 55,000 milligrams of CBD and reported feeling “just a little drowsy.” We here at Molly Jones have found that 25-30mg of CBD is the perfect amount for us to take the edge off.

Dosage concerns are normally reserved for THC because of its psychoactive effects. The “standard” dosage level seems to be set at 10mg of THC, but we still think this is too high for anyone except a daily user. Instead, we strongly support the art of the microdose, starting at 2.5mg or 5mg THC per use.

Looking forward, it’s easy to see a world where CBD and THC are considered two completely different products, championed for completely different reasons. We’ll always love that pleasant, blissful THC high but we’re all in on CBD and the powerhouse it’s becoming in the health and wellness world.

As always, if you have any questions, hit us up.

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