We Tried 8 Cannabis Sex Products and Here’s What Happened

If a woman’s sex drive were a line graph, it would start high at her 20’s, take a dip during her 30’s, then fall dramatically in her 40’s. This is because our testosterone starts its decline in our 30’s when we’re career building, adulting, and baby-making, and most of us would rather catch up on sleep than have a wild night of sex. Our 40’s brings perimenopause, the 5-10 year stretch before menopause, when estrogen production slows down and reduces our natural vaginal lubrication. At this point, sex isn’t just uninteresting, it can be pretty painful too.

Yet, sex is a good thing. It’s fun, obviously, but it can also dramatically lower stress levels, bringing down the risk for cancer and heart attacks along with it. The bonding and intimacy felt with your partner reduces anxiety, boosts overall health, and strengthens your relationship.

No matter where you’re at on the sex drive line graph, you should be thinking of sex in the same vein as exercise: regular practice can add to a healthier lifestyle. Knowing it can get harder from here on out, now’s the time to find the help you need to make sex fun again. We’re not talking about a kinky 50-Shades-of-Gray masquerade orgy, nor do we mean the boringly overdone introduce-your-dildo-to-your-partner act. We’re talking about something more organic, more intimate, and more engaging: cannabis.

I’ve had sex while high before and instinctively felt like the two go hand-in-hand. To put this hunch to the test, I gathered a group of women and divvied up every sex-focused cannabis product I could get my hands on. My husband assures me there are more products coming out every day and that this is an ongoing investigation that will never, ever, ever be over.

All in all, we tried 8 cannabis sex products and graded them based on how “in the mood” they got us. As always, Molly Jones is not affiliated with any of these products so these are our honest, authentic, and transparent reviews.

Here’s what we learned:

Lube: A-

The cannabis sex lube I went with, Foria Pleasure, is solely meant for the vagina, sorry guys. As a topical, you rub it on (and in) about 30 minutes before sex and use that time for foreplay but, let’s be honest, my husband and I just watched Broad City re-runs while waiting for it to kick in. Once activated, the lube really does work by centralizing, focusing, and heightening the sensitivity in your lady parts in a very real way. There were no cataclysmic awakenings, but it sure as hell made sensations more tingly and pleasurable. It’s also a great way to combat dryness or physical pain during sex. The way I see it – everyone should have lube anyway, so why not make it a cannabis lube?

Vaporizer: A

When you’re already tired, it’s a tall order to wait half an hour for cannabis to kick in before sex. Unlike a lube or edible, vaporizers move to the top of the list solely because the effects activate immediately. I tried two Dosist vaporizers for this test: Arouse and Passion. While the names and recipes for both look similar, there is a distinct difference: Arouse is a general energy-booster, Passion is the real deal for increasing sex drive. Unlike a lube or lotion, the effects of a sex vaporizer are mostly felt in the mind vs the body. Five minutes after taking a hit, I felt the never-ending to-do list that cycles through my mind subside, allowing me to focus and mentally get in the game. I also noticed that Passion helped to break down my self-conscious “do I look fat” barriers that can pop up. If you don’t mind inhaling smoke, vaping cannabis is one of the easiest and most dependable ways to make sex more exciting.

Edibles: D+

I have to say it: I don’t love edibles for sex. The effects can take upwards of 2 hours to kick in and the outcome isn’t always dependable. We gave Kikoko’s Sensuali-tea to one woman on our team with a romantic vision of sipping on tea while lighting candles and listening to Ginuwine’s Pony (oh, is that just us?). Her reality was a night of sitting and waiting…and waiting…and waiting. By the time she felt it start to kick in, it was time for bed, but she was so high that she couldn’t fall asleep. If you’re a newbie or sensitive to THC, I’d suggest steering clear of edibles and anything else that gets absorbed through the stomach lining.

Tinctures: B+

If feeling the immediate effects of vaping were on one end of the spectrum and a 2-hour wait time for edibles were on the other, tinctures would be somewhere in the middle. Because the oil from a tincture is dropped under the tongue, it’s absorbed through the bloodstream which allows it to kick in within 30 minutes to an hour. One woman on our team tried Yummy Karma Love Potion #420 and had mixed reviews. It does help to heighten touch during sex, but no more so than any other non-sex-focused tincture out there. I’d recommend tinctures for anyone who doesn’t like to smoke, vape, or eat an edible.

Massage Oil: B-

If you really love massaging your partner, cannabis massage oil is for you. If you’re like the rest of us who don’t have the patience and can’t wait to get to the main event, then take this with a grain of salt. One of our team members tried Yerba Buena Quiver Oil and said her skin did feel tingly and relaxed with heightened and focused sensitivities to the areas it was applied to. I give this a B- because, ultimately, I’d choose a stimulated vagina courtesy of cannabis lube over relaxed shoulders from massage oil. Just my two cents.

Suppositories: A-

Somehow, I managed to get a team member to test out Foria Explore by pushing a suppository up her butt and having anal sex with her husband, all in the name of journalism. For anyone who’s interested in opening this (back) door, but worried about pain or tightness, this one’s for you. The instructions say to slip it in 30 minutes before sex and within about 20 minutes she could feel her lower body start to relax and a warming relief subtly creep in. All in all, Explore claims to loosen you up for a pleasurable and painless sexperience and she says it did a pretty solid job. The only drawback is the awkwardness of slipping it in while trying to look sexy, that’s no easy feat.

Bath Bomb: B

This is just good old-fashioned fun. We gave a Kush Queen Love Bath Bomb to a woman on our team with clear instructions: throw it in the tub and soak in it for 30 minutes to let it do its thing. This bath bomb is made with CBD Isolate and zero THC so there is no psychoactive effect. She reported feeling more relaxed and stress-free, though I’m not sure how much of that was from the bath bomb versus having 30 minutes away from her kids. Either way, it was an easy, pleasurable experience that was also benign since she didn’t get stoned. A cannabis bath bomb won’t get you fully in the mood by itself so I’d suggest using another product from this list after your bath to really get in the game.

Smoking a Joint: A+

A list of cannabis sex products isn’t complete without the one that started it all: the joint. Fast-acting, dependable, and easy to dose, a joint is arguably the sexiest way to kick things off in the bedroom. Sure, there’s the smoke and the smell, but there’s nothing like lighting up, taking a puff, and letting the intimate, arousing vibes wash over you. Because a joint is just dried flower wrapped in paper, it’s as organic as you can get and your options of what flower strain to choose are nearly endless. Check out Leafly’s 5 Cannabis Strains for 5 Specific Types of Sex before your next trip to the dispensary, you won’t be disappointed.

The Molly Jones take

Cannabis is phenomenal at helping to increase sex drive. Knowing that regular sex is important and our bodies naturally resist it as we get older, it’s time to grab the situation by the balls and penetrate through those barriers. Find some cannabis, start experimenting tonight, and let us know how it goes…anal sex and all.

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