Trending Product: Dosist Bliss

Yes, it will make you giggle.  For a fun night out without the hangover, stash this in your purse to provide the fun while you slow-drink your cocktail.

What is it?  A microdose vaporizer that vibrates each time you inhale 2.5mg so you know exactly how much you’re consuming.  (Brush up on microdosing here.)

What does it do?   With a 9:1 THC:CBD ratio, this formula will have you upbeat, giggly, and social, perfect for a night out.  The microdose measurements prevent you from overdoing it and the added CBD dilutes the impact of the THC.

Why this one?  We recently tried this on a Friday night at a bar and couldn’t stop laughing for a solid 45 minutes.  We then laughed the next morning about how much we had laughed the night before and we’re laughing now as we think about how much we laughed for 45 minutes on a recent Friday.  Did we say yet that it gives you the giggles?

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