Trending Product: Care by Design Tinctures

Our Molly Jones party-goers know that the tincture is what got it all started.  If you need help getting to sleep, staying asleep or even just relaxing, this will help.

What is it?  A CBD-heavy oil to take sublingually (under the tongue) or to mix into foods and drinks.

What does it do?   At minimum, it reduces stress and anxiety to relax the body and mind.  We especially like that it reduces sleep difficulties and increases sleep quality, getting you that solid 8 hours you’ve been (day)dreaming of.

How does it work?  When taken sublingually, you’ll feel relief within 15-30 minutes.  The dropper includes guidance levels to choose your own dosage (we suggest starting with one dropper).  You choose the blend of CBD to THC that you prefer.

For our own personal experience, read our story on instagram.  There’s a spider involved.

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