Sex, Drugs, & a Good Night’s Sleep

There are approximately 8,216,438 songs about sex and pot. There’s even a word called “sexpot.” The two have been intrinsically linked forever, and yet the jury’s still out on whether the theory that cannabis helps with sex is just a subjective opinion or a scientific fact. We dug into the research to share what’s known about cannabis’ relationship with sex, how people are using pot to stimulate their sex drives, and what to keep in mind for your own experimentation.

Is cannabis an aphrodisiac?

In short, yes. A study conducted at Saint Louis University found that 68% of women who consumed cannabis reported more pleasurable sex while 16% said it ruined their sexual experience and 16% were undecided or unaware. Scientifically, there is evidence to back this up: when our body’s endocannabinoid system (brush up on the ECS here) is activated by cannabis, it can leave us feeling relaxed with increased pleasure and decreased pain. When used during sex, cannabis can increase feelings of arousal and heighten sensations all over the body, making sex more enjoyable.

Why are people using it?

Aside from physical benefits like heightened and focused sensitivities, many people claim that consuming cannabis right before sex helps to get their mind in the game. For some, that means quieting the never-ending to-do list in their head while others say they put less pressure on themselves and are able to break through their self-conscious performance anxiety. Women have also reported an increase in natural lubrication thanks to cannabis, making sex less painful.

How are people using it?

There’s a wide variety of ways to consume cannabis for sex, including:

· Edibles (drinks, candy, food)

· Sublinguals (tinctures, strips)

· Topicals (lube, massage oil, lotions, bath bombs)

· Vaporizers

· Dried Flower (joints, pipes, bongs)

Delivery & Dosage matter

When it comes to sex, not all cannabis delivery methods are created equal. Edibles, for example, can take up to two hours to kick in and can be unreliable in terms of effects, which isn’t optimal for sex. On the other hand, vaporizers and topicals are fast-acting, reliable, and can be tailored specifically for increasing sex drive. For more information on delivery methods, jump over to We Tried 8 Cannabis Sex Products and Here’s What Happened.

Like sunshine, tequila, and Botox, too much of a good thing can actually be a bad thing. The qualities that make cannabis an aphrodisiac seem to only occur in low to moderate doses of THC. In high doses, cannabis can have the opposite effect – lowering the testosterone in the body and decreasing the level of sexual satisfaction. We always say to start with low levels of THC (2.5mg or 5mg) and increase as you get more comfortable.

Studies have also shown that cannabis does not impair sexual function nearly as much as alcohol, nor are there any issues with mixing cannabis and other drugs for sexual performance (e.g. Viagra or Cialis).

The Molly Jones Take

Overall, Dr. Monica Grover of Asira Medical who is double Board Certified in Family Medicine and Gynecology, says that “Marijuana use is independently associated with increased sexual frequency and does not appear to impair sexual function. In fact, users reported having 20% more sex than those who have never used cannabis.”

The statistics say it all: when it comes to sex, cannabis helps. But who are we to tell you what to think? Grab some pot, your partner, and experiment like you’re 21 again. We promise you won’t regret it.

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