Mixing Cannabis with Alcohol

We’ve been in the process of switching out alcohol with cannabis but there’s just one problem – everyone still drinks socially and we’ll be damned if we’re that one weird person in the corner saying no (no offense to the weird person in the corner saying no).

Our new trick is to occasionally mix the two, so here are some important tips we’ve learned along the way.

Weed before beer and you’re in the clear.

Researchers say the most important factor is the order in which you mix the two. Since cannabis lowers your blood alcohol level, the safer bet is to consume cannabis first and alcohol after for a smoother transition and a safety net against getting too drunk.

In the reverse, alcohol opens up your blood vessels, intensifying the THC high. Sometimes this is pleasant, other times not so much.

The Molly Jones take.

Call us daredevils because we like to live on the edge. After a boozy night on the town or day-drinking at home (shout out to the kid and dog parents), we like cannabis as a way to wind down the night. We typically opt for vaporizers (like Dosist Bliss) or pre-roll joints since edibles can take awhile to kick in.

As long as you’re well-versed on how much your body can handle, cannabis can be a great way to guarantee a deep sleep.  If you decide to live on the edge like us, you know the drill – start low and go slow.

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