Finding Your Comfort Zone

We call discovering cannabis a “journey” not because we’re hippy dippy dreamers but because it’s factually true – learning what works for you is as successive as leveling up in yoga class or climbing the corporate ladder.  If you’re wondering where you’re at and where you’re going (aren’t we all?), here’s your cheat sheet.

Level 1: Beginner

When you’re just starting out, tread lightly with THC.  Opt for CBD-heavy products that are easy to consume like Care by Design 18:1 tincture or Papa & Barkley Releaf Balm.

Level 2: Intermediate

You may be getting curious about THC so now’s the time for microdosing.  Choose a blend that includes CBD to dilute the power of THC like Beboe Pastilles candies, or cut up a Kin Slips sublingual strip into your preferred dosage.

Level 3: Advanced

You’re now as comfortable with cannabis as you are karaoke-ing after 3 tequila shots – you’ve got this.  It’s time to test out higher THC levels with a Valhalla gummy or a Dosist Vaporizer. Just check with us before you buy because, well, we have opinions.

Level 4: Pro

You made it!  It’s time to try the most dependable and rewarding products like the high-tech Pax Vaporizer or a Somatik Ritual cannabis-infused coffee.  For more adventure, sign up for Cannaisseur’s multi-course cannabis-infused dinner experience.

All we’ve ever wanted in life is to help you along in your cannabis journey.  Make our wish come true and reach out if you’re questioning what to try next.

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