ABC’s of Cannabinoids

If you’re looking for mind-blowing sex (did we catch your attention?), you’ll need a completely different product than one to help you peacefully sleep for eight hours (which sounds just as amazing tbh).
The reason? It all comes down to cannabinoids – the compounds in the plant that are responsible for the effects you feel after consuming it.
There are over 113 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant (and growing), but ain’t nobody got time for that so here’s the skinny on the two you need to know, THC and CBD. Each cannabinoid interacts with your body differently creating their own effects and benefits:
THC – H is for Head. THC interacts with your CB1 receptors (located mostly in the brain) so the effects are mostly felt in the mind. THC is responsible for that “high” we all know so well. Medically, THC relieves pain and nausea, making it a great for cancer patients weary of opioids.
CBD – B is for Body. CBD interacts with your CB2 receptors (located mostly in the body) so the effects are mostly felt in the body. It’s non-psychoactive – it will not get you high – and has a ton of medicinal benefits including anti-inflammatory and alleviating anxiety and pain. We love CBD and you should too. For a deeper dive, check out why we think CBD is the new avocado toast.
Lastly, you don’t think we’d throw out the possibility of mind-blowing sex and a peaceful night of sleep just to leaf you high and dry, do you? We wouldn’t do you like that. Try this THC for sex, this CBD for sleep. Now go live your best life.

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