A Highly Motivated Workout

Sometimes we lay in bed at night, chastising ourselves for exercising too much. Jk, we walked up one flight of stairs yesterday without wheezing and you’d think we won an Olympic gold medal. McKayla Maroney would’ve been impressed.

The good news?  There’s a new kind of “Runner’s High”: people are using cannabis to exercise and it actually works.

The general gist. Supporters say CBD dulls the physical pain and THC takes the mind off the task at hand, helping to push through the monotony. Professional athletes like Michael Phelps and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar are speaking out in support. “Ganja Yoga” is a real thing andcannabis-friendly gyms are opening up all over California. In fact, the World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from its list of banned substances this year.

What the science says.  Since cannabis interacts with our endocannabinoid system to ease pain (we’ve covered this here), it makes sense that it does so during exercise. There are also no health risks for healthy people to consume cannabis for exercise.

When to use it. Cannabis is best used for low-key, lengthy workouts like running on a treadmill, weightlifting routines, yoga, or hikes outdoors. It’s also helpful for combatting body pain like an annoying tweak or lower back pain.

When not to use it. Don’t use cannabis for high-peak workouts (ahem, SoulCycle), acute attention exercise (like biking outdoors), or if you have heart conditions.

How to use it. As always, every body is different so take it low and slow.  Here are our suggestions:

  • No high: For those that just want to relax the body, choose a CBD-heavy product like Kin Slips Park Life (see below).

  • Light high: To get your mind off the monotony, microdose THC by using a vaporizer like Pax + Level Connect Sativa blend.

  • Signature high: To fully distract the mind from the task at hand, grab this THC-infused cold brew coffee for the added caffeine boost.

The Molly Jones take: you’re not too old to try something new. If cannabis means we may actually look forward to hitting the gym (#PraiseBe), this is exactly the kind of “new” we should all try.

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