8 Ways to a Healthier Lifestyle with CBD

New year, new you boo. In between the Whole 30 detoxes, the dry-January’s, and the daily sweat challenges, everyone’s on a mission to reset their bodies for a healthy 2019. If your new year goal is about self-love, we have a much easier solution than giving up sugar and caffeine: try CBD.

There’s a long list of how CBD benefits your body, but here are our top 8 ailments that CBD can provide relief for. Try it now, thank us later.


It’s like advil, only grown naturally by mother nature instead of a huge pharmaceutical company. CBD can help alleviate headache symptoms in the same way any pill can – clearing up the pain without compromising your ability to go about your day normally. Perfect for when you give up caffeine for your detox and the withdrawal headaches kick in.

Sore Muscles

That first time back in the gym after the holidays is nothing short of ROUGH. CBD applied to the skin in the form of lotion or patches can directly treat sore muscles and relax the tension within 30 minutes. Just lay down on the couch, slather it all over, and relax.


It’s all fun and games until real life starts again. Suddenly, your to-do list is a thousand miles long and cycling through your mind on a non-stop reel all night long. Calm the mind and body with some CBD right before bedtime and wake up the next morning refreshed and ready to go.

Anxiety & Depression

We like to say CBD is the perfect trick to “take the edge off.” It doesn’t get you high, but it does act as a mood stabilizer to level out those high highs of anxiety and low lows of depression.


Meryl Streep rubs CBD lotion on her feet before wearing heels on the red carpet. Olivia Wilde likes CBD massages to release pain in her body after acting and dancing in a Broadway play. We like CBD when we get a kink in our neck from sleeping weird. By affecting the way our pain receptors respond to stimuli, CBD has been found to reduce pain, and it works.


In the same way that CBD helps with pain in the body, it reduces inflammation in the body as well. Think of CBD next time you wake up with puffy eyes, get a sunburn in the summer, or wake up with a hurting liver from one too many drinks the night before.


Researchers are still pinning down CBD’s effects on skincare but there are strong subjective opinions that CBD can help fight wrinkles and signs of aging. Since cannabis is filled with antioxidants like Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E, there really are no downsides to adding it to the routine.


Life is stressful – you deserve to treat yourself to a moment of zen and CBD can be just the trick. You may feel it right away or you may only notice it when you’re calm during a triggering event, but CBD has become our favorite way to naturally, and simply, take the edge off.

With the recent federal legalization of CBD, get ready to see it pop up everywhere – from a shot in your coffee to a special lotion in your massage. With a long list of benefits that seems to grow by the day, now’s the time to jump on board and give CBD a try. Might we humbly suggest starting with a gumdrop?

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