3 Secrets to Curbing the Munchies

We’d preach all day about how much healthier cannabis is than alcohol but there’s just one little problem: the munchies.  If the threat has you hesitating, we’ve got you covered.


  1. Tell yourself you’re not actually hungry. It’s obvious, but often forgotten.  Unlike when you’re drunk, you’re not sloppy and unreasonable-you’re composed and relaxed.  When that little voice says to eat all.the.things, just remind yourself it’s not real.

  2. Stick to abstinence (it worked for you in college, right?).   “I’ll just have one bite” is an ill-advised gamble when you’re high.  Just say no now so you can say yasss later.

  3. Remember: a woman’s place is not in the kitchen. Do not hang out in the kitchen.  In fact, physically place yourself as far away from food as possible.  When you’re in full relaxation on the couch, the mere suggestion of standing up is an immediate no-deal.

There’s a big, wide world of incredible experiences that cannabis can provide – don’t let the fear of the munchies keep you from it.

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